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One Another Marriage Conferences

One Another Marriage is an encouraging and practical event for couples. Do you need speakers for your next marriage event? David and Theresa are gifted and inspiring communicators who authentically share from their own life experience and wealth of training. Schedule them for your next marriage retreat or event.


  • How to hear you partner’s VOICE more clearly.


  • What it means to engage fully as a couple with one another.


  • How do you develop ongoing habits that live beyond a marriage enrichment retreat?


  • Learn how to live a One Another Marriage through the “Love STEP” (described below).

Audiovisual Conference


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If I do not serve, then what? How is mutual submission healthy? Serving with our words. Serving in humility.


Intimacy is Holy. How can this be? What makes touch so important? How to honor God in the bedroom.


What does it mean to edify one another? Using your words to build the best marriage!


This is your opportunity to learn how to have peace with one another. Conflict resolution skills are absolutely necessary in a One Another Marriage. How do we achieve unity in all things? Learn the difference between absolutes and preferences.

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