Marriage Coaching

Helping Couples Discover the Path of Growth and Health

Marriage Coaching

Our One Another Marriage Coaching helps you achieve your goals as a couple. Your goals could include preparing for your future marriage, to work through a time of crisis and/or transition, or to see your marriage take a step further towards long lasting health. Whatever your situation, Coaching is an excellent way to access the help you need by meeting with an experienced and trained couple.

Continue reading below for more information and benefits of Marriage Coaching from One Another Marriage.

Marriage Coaching is…

  • A healthy and experienced couple coming alongside you in your relationship journey.

  • Learning new skills and habits that move you towards the accomplishments of your goals as a couple.

  • Guidance from a couple that is a student of marriage dynamics and health.


  • A way for you to learn better communication and conflict resolution skills that will serve your marriage for a lifetime.

Coaching is for...

Couples often spend more on the wedding day than what they invest into the rest of their days together. Coaching is a solid investment into a lifetime of marriage.

Couples Who Want to Improve the Health of Their Marriage

Many couples experience an “OK” marriage, a “mediocre” marriage, or a marriage that seem to be “coasting” through life. If you know that your marriage is worth the investment to move on towards your best days, then marriage coaching is for you.

Crisis Couples Are Those Who Are Experiencing Some of Their Most Difficult Days

If you are a couple that has separated, are struggling, and/or are considering divorce then consider marriage coaching as a path for growth and health. 

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Premarital Couples Who Wish to Prepare for Their Life Together

Next Steps...

Free Consultation: David and Theresa Mabry meet with each couple for a free initial consultation to establish what the goal(s) of the couple may be, to discuss the coaching process, and to address any specific questions regarding our policies, procedure, and financial investment. This first meeting is often via phone for 30 to 45 minutes. 

Ongoing Meeting: After the initial consultation, follow up meetings are established according to the specific goals. Often times, easy-to-use, online assessments are taken by the couple during the coaching process. These provide wonderful feedback for the couple and the marriage coaches to aid in growth and health. 

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